Conversion Rules for the WH40K games to the Black Crusade ruleset:


  • There are no more ‘simple successes/failures’ if you succed or fail by less than 10, that is one degree of success, and every full 10 is another degree of success.
  • Good quality Armor does not give 1 AP to the first hit of the round anymore. Now it gives a +5 to Charm or Intimidate checks, depeding on the look, armor showing off your trophies would give the bonus to Intimidate, while well kept up gleaming plate would grant it to Charm.


  • Standard attacks now have a +10% to them as default
  • Aiming helps non-single shots / melee attacks
  • Semi Auto has no modifier anymore but is a half action
  • Full Auto has a -10% but ia a half action
  • Fatigue only affects Weapon and Ballistic Skill tests, not all rolls (-10% as per usual)
  • Lightning and Swift Attacks have changed to mirror the Full and Semi Auto Attacks, see Talent section below



  • Untrained skills that can be used untrained now have a -20 untrained penalty, no half characteristic

New Skills

New skill = Old skills that are replaced

  • Acrobatics = Acrobatics and Contortionist
  • Athletics = Climb and Swim
  • Awareness = Awareness, Lip Reading and Search
  • Charm = Charm, Blather and Performer
  • Commerce = Barter, Commerce and Evaluate
  • Deceive = Deceive and Disguise
  • Logic = Logic, Gambling and Tactics
  • Linguistics (Certain Language) = Ciphers, Literacy, Secret Tounge and Speak Language
  • Medicae = Chem-Use and Medicae
  • Operate (Type of Vehicle) = Drive and Pilot
  • Parry = New Skill, if you have a WS of 50 or your class has ‘cheap’ WS increases you get it
  • Stealth = Concealment, Silent Move and Shadowing
  • Survival = Survival, Tracking, and Wrangling
  • Tech-Use = Demolitions and Tech-Use
  • Toughness is now used for Carouse


  • For individual skills that you have that are now combined (Demolitions and Tech-Use, for example), set the new replacement skill to the highest level you have of the old skills.
  • New skills go up to +30%, if you have the Talented (Skill) talent, increase that skill to one level up from what you have from the first step

Ascension Mastered Skills

For the Mastered Skills one of three things will happen; the mastered skill will work as it did, the mastered skill will not have an array of skills it effects (the combining of the skills above already did that part of the mastery), but it will bump your rating to +20% as per usual, or the mastered skill will become obsolete, as it combined skills that are combined in other ways now.

  • Athletic Mastery – Masters skills Athletics and Acrobatics
  • Commerce Mastery – Only effects the Commerce skill now
  • Common Lore Mastery – No change
  • Cryptological Mastery – Obsolete (see Linguistic Mastery)
  • Decadent Mastery – Obsolete (see Scholatic Mastery for the Gamble part, and Charismatic Mastery for the Performance part)
  • Charismatic Mastery – No change, includes some Decadent Mastery
  • Driving Mastery – Gives +20% to all ground based Operate skills
  • Fieldcraft Mastery – Combines Navigation (Surface) and the new Survival Skill
  • Forbidden Lore Mastery – No change
  • Investigation Mastery – No change
  • Linguistic Mastery – Loses the Lip Reading Section (see Observation Mastery) and now includes the Cryptological Mastery
  • Observation Mastery – Only effects Awareness and Scrutiny now, other skills already included through Awareness, also takes Lip Reading from Linguistic Mastery
  • Piloting Mastery – Gives +20% to all non-ground based Operate skills
  • Scholatic Mastery – No change
  • Shadow Craft Mastery – Disguise already included in Deceive, otherwise no change
  • Stealth Mastery – All old skills now Stealth, gives +20 to Stealth
  • Tech Lore Mastery – Now effects Tech-Use and Medicae, as other skills are rolled into those
  • Warp Lore Mastery – no change


  • Crushing Blow – Add half your Weapon Skill Bonus to melee damage instead of +2
  • Lightning Strike – Weapon Skill check -10%, one hit per Degree of Success up to a max of the attacker’s Weapon Skill Bonus
  • Mighty Shot – Add half your Ballistic Skill Bonus to ranged damage instead of +2
  • Swift Attack – Weapon skill check, one hit for the first Degree of Success, then another for every two additional Degrees of Success up to a max of the attacker’s Weapon Skill bonus
  • Weapon Training is now based on Weapon Type, not Class, so you know how to use all Las Weapons or none. This is different from the Ascension Pistol Mastery, and these we can do case by case to see what makes sense.
  • Others could be different, but only minorly, we can check with the Black Crusade book as needed


  • Unnatural Characteristic is now additive, not multiplicative. When you succeed with am Unnatrual Rating int he Characteristic you add a number of additional Degrees of Success equal to half your rating. A rating of 3-5 is equivalent to the old x2. Unnatural Speed is gone, as Unnatrual Agility now does increase movement ratings
  • Daemonic will also have a Number Rating that adds to the Toughness bonus and stacks with Unnatural Toughness. A rating of 3-5 is the same to how it was in Dark Heresy
  • Brutal Charge will have a number rating that is the amount of bonus damage made on the same round as the charge instead of a flat +3
  • Multiple Limbs will have a number rating that adjusts the modifier instead of a flat amount from Multiple Arms
  • Quadruped no longer multiplies movement rates, but rather adds a +2 for every extra pair of legs
  • Toxic deals damage to anyone who successfully attacks the creature with Toxic, also has a number rating which is the penalty to the Toughness test equal to -10% times the rating

Weapon Qualities

  • Concussive (X) – Rating times 10 is the penalty to the Toughness check, old weapons are a (1) Rating
  • Felling (X) – Reduces the Unnatural Toughness of the target by X, old weapons with Felling (1) should be a rating of 3-5 to match the changed Unnatural Characteristic Talent
  • Flame, Spray – Old Flame quality is now these two qualities. Something that has a chance to set someone alight is Flame, where something that you don’t test Ballistics has Spray, old Flame weapons have both
  • Primitive – No longer a weapon type, now has a number rating with is the max damage on a rolled d10
  • Reliable – Now jams on a natural 00 roll
  • Scatter – At point blank range adds +10% to hit and +3 damage, at short range adds +10% to hit, and at long range or above takes away 3 damage to a min of 0
  • Shocking – Character is stunned for number of rounds equal to Degrees of Failure on the Toughness test, not half the damage taken
  • Snare (X) – Now has a number rating, Agility test is at a penalty of X time 10% to not be entangled, old weapons are Snare (1)
  • Toxic (X) – Same as the Toxic Trait above, old weapons are Toxic (1)
  • Twin-Linked – Double the weapon’s RoF, weilder can choose to either get a +10% to hit, or score an additional hit if they get at least one successful hit
  • Unbalanced, Unwieldly – These weapons can no longer be used for Lightning Attacks

Psychic Powers


Points of Chaos

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