Points of Chaos

Abbey's Angels

Where the cadre makes a few friends

The next morning the cadre awoke to their Librarian breaking out in a cold sweat. He had seen that the local Adepta Sororitas’ Abbey was under attack. They knew they had a few hours to get there, and they had setup a meeting with other cultists of Slaanesh. Using the cloaks they had taken from the House Socatti raid, the human sized members took up the cloaks and were the faces to the meeting. They found out that this other group is the ones that will take care of the actual ritual where House Socatti’s job is to find the best site for the summoning. The cadre also found that the other group is going to be bringing roughly fifty people to the summoning.

After the meeting was adjurned, the cadre moved quickly to the Abbey. Along they way a few members saw some red eyes watching them from the woods, which only hastened the team to their destination. When their they were attacked by cultists, demons of Khorne, and four World Eater space marines. Luckily, they had come prepared, and their preparations paid off, and they were able to repel the aggressors with a minimum of losses to their numbers and those of the sisters.

During the battle, they spotted off in the distance a figure that actually finished off one of the injured space marines. It sported a banner that bore a glyph of something chaotic, but none of the team could place it at the time. After some research the team recalled a bit of lore that is whispered in the darker reaches of the imperium of a fifth Ruinous Power, one that embodies the tendency of Chaos to turn on itself. The cadre wasn’t quite sure what to do with this turn of events, and so, for now, they are going to let that play out.

After the Abbey was secure, the cadre took up the trail of the space marines and the demons, as both trails came from the same direction. After following the trail they came to a ruined temple which housed about two squads of World Eaters, as well as a handful of cultists which were doing menial work and keeping open a portal to the warp that was used to summon the heralds of Khorne. The team is now in the middle of determining their tactical options given the overwhelming power they are witnessing.


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