Points of Chaos

First Contact

Where our heroes find out what they are in for

The story starts with Inquisitor Alexi Romanov’s team landing on Vaxanide at the request of House Socatti, House Lewain, and House Ryr, all of which were experiencing troubles securing their wares and export procedures in lieu of what seemed to be random attacks by follows of Khorne. The attacks had been getting more frequent as well as increasing in size, which is what drew the attention of Inquisition. There we also rumors of members of the traitor legions being spotted, which, in turn, caused the Inquisition to request two space marines for accompaniment.

The team landed and secured a secondary base of operations in the dark of night, meeting up with the heads of the three Houses that requested them the following morning. They were given all of the information the Houses had compiled about their attackers, and accounts of the battlefields condition of those killed. Through careful inspection of the data, and by connecting the dots that those with a less brilliant mind would miss, the team found evidence of Dark Eldar in some of the killings, and what’s more, the Khornites and the Dark Eldar seemed to have been engrossed in their own feud.

Where we left off the heroes had valiantly killed all of the Dark Eldar in a large outpost in the fringes of the forest, which they had located through the use of the Dark Eldar’s own tech. What’s more, they captured someone driving a House Socatti vehicle, and are planning to question both him, and a captured Dark Eldar Haemonculus, in the hopes of finding something of interest from him as well.


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