Points of Chaos

Don't Touch the Blood...

Where the team learns to fear the invisible

After securing the Dark Eldar luitenant and the lone House Socatti member at the remote lodge, the team systemmatically turned the site to as close to a Khornite slaughterfield as they could. After the interrogation of the House Socatti runner he was dispatched using the Dark Eldar weaponry, and after the xeno’s interrogation he to was disposed of.

One thing that was noticed was that some of dead Dark Eldar had blotches of necrotised skin. T40m 53rv0 was able to analyze the team’s infected personnel and determine that the virus was from the Warp in origin. It took the combine efforts of Magos Errant 53rv0 and Brother Arquebus to cleanse the blood of Lady Alexi Romanov and Trip Haladay.

The following day the non-space marine members brought the corpse of the Socatti runner to House Socatti. Kyra Socatti was disturbed by the body, and while she was being pumped for information Trip found the glassworks and noticed that a good majority of the works made his mind spin a bit. He liberated a large portion of the Head Master’s worktable when he was called away to be introduced to the Inquisitor. These pieces were inspected by T40m and found to be warp influenced. After there own interrogations, Reyn and his lesser masters were executed, and with some follow-up, the Masters’ homes were searched and relics of some sort of ritual were found. A larger tome was taken by Alexi to be studied later. When it was all said and done roughly 75% of House Socatti was either killed or left in the capable hands of the local Arbites.

While the Socatti was being taken down, the space marines were alerted to the sound of las-fire nearby their secondary hideout. It was a dozen followers of Khorne that seemed to be ex-guardsmen. After a fierce battle, and some warp blood thrown in for good measure, the space marines stood victorious, yet off, as their armor had been breached. They had escaped the first touch of the warp virus, but it seemed the psyker borne warp blood carried the same plague. Given that the area was drenched with the tainted blood, they searched and found the local Adepta Sororitas Abbey to enlist their aid in cleansing the site. The Sisters took care of the area with the oversight of the space marines, and on their way back one of the marines noticed the tracks of more humanoids going towards the battlefield. The allowed the Sisters to head back to their Abbey and they went on ahead, tracking the trail back into the hive’s outskirts. Along the way they encountered a human who had falling behind the rest of his group and was in the final stages of a terrible infection. He was put out of his misery and his body was brought along.

The two teams met outside a broken down hab that the space marines had tracked back to, where Brother Dritan had constructed a simple explosive to level. Everyone inside was killed by the blast and the weight of the hab. Multiple dead bodies were found that showed the same degeneration of the flesh, and it was clear their was a terrible power keeping these bodies alive, as all life functions should have halted a long time prior. More disturbingly, there was evidence of some sort of makeshift lab, which T40m had found to be dedicated to creating more or refining the warp virus that was found earlier. The site was burned to ash, and the first body found was noticed at the last second to be set to burst. Only the Emperor knows how far tainted blood and flesh would have been spread if Dritan had not acted as quickly as he had to secure and destroy the body before it could explode. Alexi found a small flesh-bound book that hinted at the revival of a major daemon of Nurgle, and discussed the possible methods to awaken such a being. The book was burned along with the rest of the bodies and lab equipment.


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