Points of Chaos

Taking the Ruins

The ruins int he forest that the Inquisitor’s team had stumbled upon was taken with a relative few casualties. A handful of sisters lent from the Abbey had perished, and more were wounded, but considering their adversary, they were lives well spend. Trip Haladay had lost one of his legs in battle as well, but it was recovered and it was hoped that t40m 53rv0 would be able to work the Omnissia’s will to construct Trip whole again.

It wasn’t all for naught as well. Lady Alexi Romanov had found a psyker whose own skin had been turned into a living document for the ritual. The skin had been more or less pieced together and the Lady Romanov had committed what was there to her memory for further research later. Likewise, the storage of the components for the ritual we discovered by the Space Marines, and was promptly put to the torch.


mrthoth mrthoth

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