Lady Alexi Romanov



Alexi Romanov is a strong willed Noble Born. She originally joined the war against the agents of Chaos as an arbitrator. She eventually proved her worth and has been recently appointed as an Inquisitor. She has red hair and pale white skin and is very athletically built. Her father owns several large weapons manufacturing plants specializing in las weapons. As such, instead of the normal bolt pistol most Inquisitors carry, She instead wields a Hell Pistol made by her father. She was given her power sword a family friend who had suggested her entry in the Arbites. She views the members of cadre as trusted agents and will not willing sacrifice them unless for the greater good.


Lady Alexi Romanov was the only daughter born to the Baron Romanov, a wealthy weapons manufacturer. The Baron had 3 older sons who also worked at his factory who was responsible for making long las’s that the imperial guard used for its snipers. Alexi wanted to go into the family business but was discouraged by her father who wanted his daughter to live a life of leisure. Alexi would go and work at her fathers plants and offices anyways under fake names and aliases, but was always caught by her father or one of her brothers and would be sent home. On one of her assignments in the accounting department, she found some disturbing info that led her to believe that someone in her fathers company was in fact selling weapons that had been “destroyed” to Chaos cultists. She brought her suspicions to her father but was dismissed out of hand. She decide to investigate on her own and eventually discovered the this was in fact happening. She then gathered her proof and approached an old friend of her fathers. A retired judge of the Arbites. He saw the info that she had gathered and within hours the guilty party’s had been captured and interrogated. After seeing all the work that Alexi had done, the arresting aribite offered her a job immediately. Alexi jumped at the offer and threw herself into her work and training. Eventually, she was discovered by a Inquisitor and saw ther her skills would proof most useful in his cadre of throne agents. She served him faithfully eventually becoming his Interrogator and eventually he sponsored her Ascension into a Inquisitor.

Her Baptism by Fire was a very grueling ordeal. Alexi was eating dinner when she suddenly passed out. She awoke in the bottom level of a hive world. She was dressed in Noble clothing and was wearing a curious locket and chain around her neck. Next to her was a data slate. She quickly read it and saw that it was a bounty placed on a “rogue” noble who had stolen a large number of thrones. It also described the locket as a unique tracking device that operated on a local frequncy. A huge reward was being offered for her return to a address in the upper hive. She also read a coded message inside the bounty offer. I t told her that the locket also contained a high level explosive and if it got more then 2 meters away from her it would detonate killing her and anyone else with 15 meters of her. She could hear gangs moving towards her as she started to run. 10 hours later, The Inquisitor heard a knock at his door. Upon opening it, he found 3 gang members of the Infamous Harlequin gang dragging a hooded woman wearing stained noble clothing. The gang which was dressed on bright red gang leathers and wearing harlequin masks demanded their payment. The inquisitor looked the the hooded woman and saw the locket around her neck and sighed. “She had so much potential,” he thought. He then reached into his robes and threw a heavy bag of thrones at their feet. “You make take her and dispose of her anyway you like,” he said as he touched a button on a dat slate he had in his robes. The blinked once and then fell to the floor. He turned and walked away. As he neared the door he heard a las gun being fired at close range. He whirled around and saw that one of Harlequins had pulled a las gun out of their leathers and had quickly executed the other 2 and then turned the gun on the noble woman. He smiled as he watched the masked killer remove her mask. He nodded and said, " It turns out you are ready. Welcome to the war, Inquisitor Romanov."

Lady Alexi Romanov

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