Kyra Socatti

Matriarch of House Socatti


Head of the House Socatti, which is known for its very high end, and therefore extremely pricey, porcelain and glass artworks. House Socatti’s exports are more of a decorative and artistic nature compared to House Lewain’s exports which are for more mundane uses. As far as personnel and land holdings go House Socatti holds the least of the major Houses, but since their goods fetch such a high price and they have small overhead the House is very influential relative to their size.

Currently lost 75% of their staff due to the Inquisitional team. Kyra was found quilty of nothing more than ignorance, while her brother, Reyn and the other five glasswork masters were found to be in the thrall of Slaanesh. All were executed after being interrogated by the team.

Kyra Socatti

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