Trip Haladay

Death Cult Assassin


WS-62 (4)
S-40 (2)
T-31 (2)
Ag-50 (3)
Per-41 (2)

Wounds – 19
Insanity – 28
Corruption – 21
Armour – 3 everywhere

Half – 5
Full – 15
Charge – 15
Run – 30 + Talent

Acrobatics +10%
Awareness +20%
Climb +10%
Concealment +10%
Dodge +20%
Intimidate +10%
Navigation Surface Trained
Scrutiny Trained
Search +10%
Secret Tongue Moritat Trained
Security +10%
Shadowing +20%
Silent Move +20%
Speak Language
-Hive Dialect Trained
-Low gothic Trained
Swim Trained
Tracking Trained


Name: Trip Halladay
Father’s Name: Lord Aston Quincy (Noble Citizen)
Mother’s Name: As Trip knows it – Nancy Halladay (Hive Born)
Her Actual name – Linda Givvens
Twin Brother’s Name: Akuul (ak-cool) Quincy (Noble Assassin)

Personality: Phlegmatic – Practical, careful, yet very reserved.

Hive Born Assassin:

Home World/Origin:

The Moritat: Trip was recruited into the Moritat and trained to be a very lethal assassin. Unknown by Trip, his father is an influential secret member of the organization, and ordered the murder of Trip’s Mother so that he could be recruited. Trip has received special training to be quick moving, stealthy, and to be obvious of what happened. Trip is never told when he is doing a job for his Father or another task.
For a Moritat Assassin, the chance to serve the Inquisition is a blessed thing – dealing death to the God-Emperor’s enemies first hand and also a proving ground where they can Test their skills against the most dire and powerful opposition imaginable. Many Inquisitors regard Moritat Assassins as invaluable resources, monsters of their own to fight the many monsters they must challenge.
For the Moritat there is no more sacred act than the spilling of blood and for this reason they prefer to do their work with the edge of the blade over any other implement of death.
Their secret rituals revolve around blood and, to them, no lesson is truly learned and no truth uncovered without bloodshed to mark its moment.
Many Moritat find service with the Holy Ordos during this period (travail) as the goals of the Inquisition and the Moritat’s chosen victims marry well together. The sanction of Inquisitorial authority often serves to cover up the assassin’s less orthodox habits.
A Moritat Reaper is a vision of death incarnate with a blade, skilled to an extent that few can match; agile, fanatical and merciless. They are also patient, capable of waiting still for hours in the shadows or stalking their prey for days before choosing the right moment to strike.

Background ideas:

Lord Aston was a young and dumb heir to his Father’s company. He was arrogant and selfish. Most women hated him, and those who didn’t, he loathed. So when he wanted some “action” he would sneak out of the Spires where he and the Nobles lived to sleep with the whores who lived below him. He would flash some cash, get one cleaned up and feed her, and become a perfect gentleman for a day. He would never reveal who he was, where he lived, or how he had the money he through around. And occasionally he would even draw attention to himself, which of course was okay with him. It was just one more way he could impress the woman he planned to sleep with for the night. You see, he was trained by the Moritat to defend himself, and he never let anyone see his concealed blades until it was too late for them. Aston despised the people who lived below him, and relished killing them, except for the woman, whom he decided were his.

One day when Aston was scouting for another whore to conquer, he was spotted first by a pregnant woman who called herself Linda who informed him that she was with his child. Aston denied this, but the woman insisted that she was no whore, and she truly loved Aston and was with no one else. Aston was disgusted by the idea that a slum woman had his seed in him and returned home to ponder the situation. He decided to have some Moritat spies follow the woman and alert him when she was giving birth.

When Linda was giving birth, Lord Aston was there. He decided that he wanted the child to raise, and to train to be a great defender of the family name. After Linda gave birth to the child, she immediately went back into labor. There was another child coming, another baby boy. Lord Aston did not want two kids; it would be hard enough to explain where the 1 came from. He named the first born child Akuul and took him home. He ordered the Moritat agent to kill the woman and all witnesses. The second child was to be taken in and trained. He was never to be told the truth of what happened, and only his father was to reveal his identity when he deemed it to happen. The child was given the name Trip and took the fake surname Halladay.

As Trip grew older he wanted to know more and more about his mother. What she looked like, was she nice, and would she like him. Every detail was made up as an elaborate story Lord Aston concocted. He was told his mother was killed by his father’s greatest rival, and that his father was unable to save his mother, but was able to save Trip. Trip was given a false name for his mother so he would not be able to find anything out about her. The Moritat has set up false information, and has threatened anyone who knew her to keep their mouth’s shut, or die. Most have died… Many people have been told stories of the false name as to make it seem that she was an actual person. Trip was never told about his brother, and was told by Lord Aston that he was not allowed to come to the spires unless summoned by his father, which would only be for schooling and training. Lord Aston never spent any social time with Trip; it was always strictly “business.”

Trip received special training with the Moritat. He was trained to kill, but to make sure it was obvious that it was a called hit. There would never be a doubt that he was there, and that it was a message being sent. He was trained to be fast, agile, and cunning. He attacks fast, and he would be nearly impossible to hit. Trip never knew that his father secretly had him trained to use him for the family. While at the same time having his brother trained as a back up. His brother secretly shadows him on his missions and reports everything back to his father. He rarely sees or hears from his father and at first was told to make his own money and his own life, but as a reward for Trip completing his first assassination, Trip was given a slush fund equal to what his brother was getting for allowance.

Even though Trip is recognized by his father, his father prefers that he remains separated. Trip lives below the spires. He has quarters in The Moritat’s hidden sanctum, but he prefer’s his own place he acquired in the Hive. Trip believes his home is secret, but The Moritat and his Father know where he resides at night. Trip has grown to prefer the darkness. Trip does like it when he visits the spires. The food is better, the air is better, but he just feels too exposed. There are no shadows in the spires, at least not during the day when he is summoned for lessons.

Trip was told that a rival Spire sent their spies to track his father, and then sent their assassins to kill him when he was most vulnerable. They decided to attack when his mother was giving birth. The assassins killed everyone but Lord Aston. Lprd Aston, holding the newly born baby could only run to save himself and his son. The rival Spire wants to take over his father’s business, and gain some control in other hives. This was not the first…

The rival part of the story is true. And the part about wanting to take over other spires is actually Lord Aston’s plan. This rival clan holds the most powerful spire on the planet. To gain any power over that hive would mean more wealth, more respect, and would gain recognition in the galaxy.

Trip has made himself known very well to all the leaders of the rival Spire. Many leaders have only recently been appointed after one of Trip’s missions.

Akuul follows an almost complete opposite path. Akuul has been informed of everything. He was told of his father’s cravings for power and control over women. He has been informed of his twin brother. Akuul was even told that his whore mother was ordered killed by his father. Akuul despises the creatures who dare call themselves human that live below the spires, so he retains no malice in regards to his mother’s death. In fact, he prefers that she is dead, as it severs his ties to that underworld he hates. Akuul was raised with a silver spoon. Given everything he ever asked for. He was his father’s son in all aspects. And like his father, he was trained by some of the nastiest and most elite members of The Moritat. There were times when Trip was summoned to the spires for training. Akuul was told that his brother would be coming, and that he should consider this a competition. Akuul only thought of one thing while fighting his brother, that he was the last link between him and the underworld, and that needed to end. But Trip was better then Akuul expected. In most areas of fighting, they were equally matched. This angered Akuul, and made him more and more violent towards his “sparing” partner. Of course Trip was not told he was fighting his brother, and Akuul was not allowed to share that information.

Akuul is not sent on many assassination missions. Most of his assigned missions have directly from his father. He is ordered to follow Trip on his missions to make sure the job is done. At the displeasure of Akuul, Trip never failed. Akuul loves his father very much and admires everything about him. So when his father speaks to him, he honors his orders to the letter. Akuul has not been ordered to kill his brother, so he must suppress the urge to take him out. Akuul shares every detail of his brother’s life with his father. There is nothing Trip has done that his father is not aware of.

Trip Haladay

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