Brother Dritan

Blood Angels Tactical Marine


WS: 49 BS: 40 S: 38 T: 37 A: 50 (60 in armor) I: 47 P: 37 WP: 43 Fellow: 43 Fate: 3(+1) Wounds: 22

Notable (ie beyond Space marine norm) skills: Trade (remembrancer), Command, Demolition, Pilot (Spacecraft)
Notable Talents: Hatred (Orks), Hatred (Traitor Legions), Talented (Trade: Remembrancer), Rapid Reload

Armor: Mk 6


Brother Dritan is aged 44 years, and has spent most of his career fighting xenos, from early missions against Dark Eldar slave raids to recent assaults on Ork Roks and Space Hulks. He has volunteered for this mission for personal reasons. No heresy or taint is suspected of him.
Brother Dritan is not quite as broad as most Marines, though he displays the same superhuman physique as they do. He wears his helmet most of the time when outside of the safehouse.
Anyone looking in Dritan’s space will see that he apparently considers himself something of an artist, as there is a simple setup for blowing glass, and a few examples of his work.
He also wears a golden icon around the right arm of his armor, with the icon usually nestled safely and covertly into the pit.

Brother Dritan

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